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Choose to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 and you're going to get snaps that are an upgrade on the photos taken with almost every other camera out there, even if it's not quite at the top of the ladder. Add in all the photo modes and extra tricks on board, and it's another big tick in the positives column for the phone. Battery life is a crucial consideration for every smartphone purchase, with just about a day's use possible from a full charge on most modern-day smartphones.

The Galaxy S10 doesn't really vary from that, with a 3,mAh battery packed in. That's a decent-sized battery, but the S10 has a bright, big, high-resolution screen, which takes its toll on battery life.

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In our standard battery test — an hour of Netflix on maximum brightness and 50 percent volume — the S10 dropped from percent to 87 percent. That's fine, but not game-changing, and it's worse than for example the Xiaomi Mi 9 — but then the Mi 9 doesn't have such a quality display, so it's all about compromises. If eight hours of constant Netflixing between charges is enough for you, the S10 will do just fine. According to Samsung, one of the biggest improvements to the Exynos is power efficiency, which has been improved 40 percent over the predecessor that powered the Galaxy S9.

We never got to the evening worrying about battery life dying before bedtime, but it's possible that with particularly heavy usage you might need a top-up. Bear in mind that we were testing a brand new phone, so battery life is likely to degrade over time. The bottom line is that despite the increase in battery capacity over the Galaxy S9, you're not going to be able to change your charging habits with this.

What you do get is wireless charging and fast charging, as with previous Samsung Galaxy phones. The Galaxy S10 can get a full recharge in as little as an hour and a half using the bundled, wired charger, and you've got the option of wireless too. Reversible wireless charging is supported as well, so you can juice up other devices on the back of the S10 provided you have 30 percent or more charge left on your phone at the time.

We were definitely impressed with the stereo speakers on the Galaxy S No smartphone is going to be able to compete with a Sonos speaker or Apple HomePod for filling a room with high-fidelity audio, but the S10 is perfectly fine for the odd tune, regular podcast listening, and movie dialog — even at high volumes. Having watched a few television show episodes on the Galaxy S10, we came away very satisfied with the audio performance. Just be careful where you put your hands when watching, as the speakers are easily muted.

As an added bonus, the S10 keeps the 3. Samsung recently revamped its Android software under the new label One UI, and we like it a lot: powered by Android 9 Pie, the new software acknowledges that massive smartphone screens can be tough to use, especially one-handed while walking or squished into the carriage of a train.

With that in mind, it sensibly shifts all the interactive elements of the user interface into the lower-third of the screen where they're within easy reach. The phone is already a compact one considering its 6. It's not quite the best take on Android we've ever seen hello OnePlus , and it won't necessarily get updates as fast as other handsets hello Pixels , but it's an improvement over Samsung's previous attempts to build on top of Google's source code.

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Admittedly the bundled apps aren't particularly great, but they're easily replaced by Google's own — even down to the digital assistant Google Assistant vs Bixby. Menus are clearer and easier to get around, and you've got more layout and theme customisation options than you get with stock Android. For security, the biometric sensor has been relocated to underneath the edge-to-edge screen on the front of the handset.

Samsung says this sensor is much more reliable than solutions from competitors since it records every single ridge in your print, and it should work in a variety of tough weather conditions. It's actually a breeze to set up and worked well in our tests, though it's not quite as responsive as the fingerprint sensors we're all used to — that goes for speed as well as reliability. We wouldn't say it's a major issue but you might have to have a second attempt at unlocking maybe one time in five.

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Whether that's worth the convenience of having a sensor on the front and not having to get your face into view is your call — but we do prefer a fingerprint unlock to a face one. This tech is going to get better over time but we found it perfectly usable and better than the in-screen fingerprint sensors we tested last year.

You do still need a relatively firm press for the time being.

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For the 10th anniversary of its iconic Galaxy S smartphone range, Samsung has added some genuinely useful improvements and refined just about everything on its flagship phone. It's easily the best smartphone that Samsung has ever built, and is going to take some beating in Granted, we've seen many of these features before — the Infinity-O design debuting on the Galaxy A8s , the fingerprint scanner the OnePlus 6T , the reversible charging Huawei Mate 20 Pro , but everything feels a little more polished and less gimmicky here.

If we're being picky then some areas are very good rather than best-in-class — battery life and low-light camera performance among them — but it's difficult to think of another smartphone that gets so much right in such a brilliant all-round package. The screen, design, and performance are all truly top notch, and with One UI Samsung has an operating system it can be a lot more proud of though you might still be waiting a while for future updates to roll out.

For the time being at least, the biggest rivals to the Samsung Galaxy S10 are the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Galaxy S10e : you can spend a little more for a bigger phone or a little less for a more compact one. For a lot of people though, we think the Galaxy S10 will be the perfect mix of features, performance, and price. Is it the best Android phone you can buy at the moment? Well, no.

That honour goes to its bigger brother, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If, though, you prefer more modest sized handsets, then the Galaxy S10 will be an absolute top tier choice. Since we published our Samsung Galaxy S10 review, new details about the Samsung handset have emerged. We'll keep you posted about the latest updates below to help you make the best buying decision The update means that S10 owners can now launch the mode manually; previously it would only launch automatically in low light scenarios.

The update also improves Wi-Fi stability. According to Tizen Help it's a For Samsung's latest flagship phone, which has only been on the market a month or so and received a perfect 5-star score from us on review, we think that is a great package.

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This isn't a Samsung update; it was introduced for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 by Microsoft and now, according to Sammobile , which also explains how the function works, it has now been rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Note 8 and Note 9. Sprint is the first to release the patch and it appears that it only contains the security update, so US users will have to wait a little longer for the night mode.

Sammobile has discovered renders of the new handset but notes that it is unclear when this new colour will go on sale and in which markets it will be available. If this new colour finish does become available, it will bring the number of colours up to Many thanks to Vodafone for supplying a device for review. Vodafone's full Samsung Galaxy S10 range can be viewed on its official website. Samsung plans to bring new functionality to the S10 with future updates that could help it rival the Pixel 3.

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