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Kids love instant messaging, keep in touch with who they are chatting too online by accessing the IM chat module. Access photos and videos: Check on downloaded videos from YouTube or see if there are any other bad photos or saved videos stored on the phone. Kids and family members can do pretty stupid things and it can get shared by friends online — check your account or setup alerts to be sent direct to your email address.

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Take complete control of the phone: You can gain direct access to perform your own evidence gathering. Take a picture which is not seen by the phone owner and have it sent to your account, restart the phone and even check the battery status. No more excuses! Record web user and email activity: Modern smartphones have Chrome, Explorer and Safari installed and you can track all user history to these apps through FlexiSPY.

Sometimes, blocking websites on phones simply do not work, kids can do a quick Google search to find ways to unblock their phone. Emails can be another problem, especially for staff at work. Company bosses can install the spy on app on company devices and monitor all email activity.

The product is a monthly service which can be cancelled at any time. Premium plus: live calls, control mic and camera. Installation is easy but if you have any problems you can email the tech team for help or take a look at the comprehensive FAQ page. If you are not confident about installing the spy app yourself you can purchase the installation service — with this the tech team will talk you through the entire process including jailbreaking or rooting devices.

Apple devices: up to iOS 9. May 22, EDT Hello, I do apologize, we had an issue with our server your refund has just been processed. Please confirm with me once it is received.

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Thank you again for your patience! Depending on your bank, please allow business days for the funds to appear in your account. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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Total honesty, I'm not a user of this product. But I would rather everyone see this as the first post: Do not take any of these reviews to heart or as serious. They are all fake. I have yet to find a review regarding Highster Mobile on this site that is not selling someone else as a "professional hacker. Secondly, all the posts regarding each hacker are posted in very short time frames.

The language suggests they were all written by the same individual and state nothing about Highster Mobiles pros and cons. If you want reviews regarding Highster Mobile, this is not the site. To quote Star Wars, "These are not the reviews you are looking for. Move along.

First, Purchased for Have installed amd uninstalled a dozen times amd sent over 33 back amd forth emails trying to get program to work. It doesn't update, or worked for maybe 2 days then stopped. I keep getting told that there is no wifi which is not true because I was looking at phone that showed wifi service amd if that turned off there would be data services. Dont waste your money. This is a scam and should not be able to be in business. Customer service in a joke. You will never get to talk to the right person and they will run you around. I got nothing at all for the Please stay far away from this company.

I am so sad I didn't read these reviews, and trust them I did read some bad ones but went ahead anyway. Highster is rubbish and no social media functions work.

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Highster Mobile

They tell you you have to root your phone which scraps your warranty, disallows future updates and can destroy the software of your phone entirely if you are not careful. When I asked for a refund, they told me that I had accessed the software and therefore they would not refund me.

Of course you have to access the software to find out that it does not work! I'm so disappointed with myself for falling for this scam. The FAQ's and blog serve to sell rather than to inform the consumer.

Highster Mobile Review - How It Works - User Demo

My child removed the app using the Lookout app. Their refund policy states "Our Refund Policy is designed to ensure you will be happy with any purchase you make from us. Within 30 days of purchase, if you are dissatisfied with our software" How can the consumer know if they are dissatisfied with the software if they don't use it?

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Their refund policy is null and void the moment the consumer uses the application! It also states "We are entitled to reject your request for a refund where you have successfully used" Only a fraction of the promised features worked. That is NOT ""successfully used"" This product is a scam. Stay away. Do NOT buy Doesn't support viber and only supports what's app if an old version is installed.

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Disappointing to say the least. Their device does not work with apple iPhones unless the person is using an older iOS. They do not refund your money!!!!!! They keep saying they will but it never comes and they know no one is going to sue them for dollars.

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